The many benefits
of not sleeping
on a flat square:


In addition to its anti-aging and anti-wrinkle benefits, The Womfy's cradling effect can also help:

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Lessen TMJ suffering: as the softness with which it aligns your jaw can diminish trigger points

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Spare acne sufferers: since prolonged pillowcase contact can clog pores

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Ease earaches: since they won't be sandwiched between a rock and a hard place for hours each night

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Keep sinuses unobstructed: with less pressure on airways

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Foster healthy sleep posture: releasing neck, shoulder and back tension

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Transfer side-sleeper compression off face and ears: recommended by sleep doctors, dermatologists + chiropractors

Perhaps it's the softness with which it supports your head. Or the patented design that follows the contours of your face and ears when you're on your side. Either way, The Womfy brings profoundly new meaning to beauty sleep.

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Take that first step toward a better,
more beautifying night's sleep.

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