side sleeper pillow

A radically comfy
sleep issue solver.

Why are pillows flat-n-square when your head isn’t? Wrinkles, ear and neck pain, back problems, jaw and sinus issues, ear sores and more. All these nightmares can be prevented by switching to this memory foam dream. All because its ear wells and curves mirror your head’s contours. Stop sleeping square. Start sleeping comfy...with The Womfy.

The comfiest, womfiest health and beauty pillow ever made.

side-sleeper pillow

Up to 100% less compression
on the face and ears.

In a head-to-head, Body Pressure Distribution Test, The Womfy destroyed a popular As-Seen-On-TV pillow. These scan results demonstrate how much less pressure it puts on your face and ear as you rest on your side.
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Premium memory foam.
Wholly crafted in the U.S.A.

Sleeping with your lobes tucked into The Womfy’s ear wells isn't just comfortable. It fosters the kind of spinal alignment that can alleviate a full gamut of sleep issues related to sleeping on a flat square.
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Don't endure another 8 hours
of face and ear compression.

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